Our Vision



VISION - Where are we going?

Vision is not about what is.  It is about what could be if anointed by God and accomplished by faith.



We see a church relentlessly pursuing God’s presence

We envision a church whose heartfelt praise and worship is authentic and life-changing - worship that invites the praises of people throughout our community, exalting God with powerful songs of adoration, prayers of faith, and a clear message of hope.


The church we see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop it, nor stand against it.  It’s a church whose leaders are unified to purposely seek His wisdom and anointing.



We see a church that is fervently praying

We see a people passionately committed to Christ in prayerful dependency—counting the cost and ready to do what it prayerfully takes to see revival, reconciliation, and restoration sweep our community and our world.


The church we see is on its face before God—interceding, calling, training and sending out powerful people of prayer.



We see a church where lives are changing

We see a message clearly proclaimed of Christ’s death and resurrection to those in our community.  Many will accept Him as Savior and serve for Him as Lord.


We see a church where people are set free, changed, challenged, delivered and forever redeemed by encountering a warm relationship with Jesus.



We see a church where families are Christ-centered

We envision a church where hurting families can feel they are welcomed, loved and important—a place where marriages grow, parents are nurtured, children and youth are discipled, and grandparents recognize their spiritual significance.


The church we see will be known as the place where families find the resources, time, and training they need to love each other as Christ loved the Church.



We see a church where everyone is being equipped

We envision a church where new as well as established believers are regularly trained and expected to become fully functioning disciples of Christ.


We envision an active group of believers who live out their faith boldly because of our relevant teaching and preaching of God’s inspired Word.


The church we see is determined that believers will find the means for learning how to study and apply the Word, share their faith, and give their best to the Lord.



We see a church full of compassion

 We envision our people modeling biblical community—a safe place where we accept, love, encourage, forgive, and serve one another.


The church we see will demonstrate to our community that our compassion reaches beyond class and cultural barriers—a church with a genuine expression of love, focusing on meeting the spiritual and physical needs both within and outside our church.